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1.How much will it cost?

Renovation or new construction costs depend on what the homeowner wants in their home.  Because these decisions often can be difficult to make, we generally operate with negotiated contracts.

Under this system, we ask the homeowner to commit to us to do the work, and we estimate their project with various material and design changes until the price falls into their budget with a project design they are happy with.

2. How long will it take?

Time variables depend on types and availability of materials used, availability of subcontractors, and weather.

The farther in advance decisions are made, the easier scheduling becomes, and the more likely the project will run on time.  Specific time estimates can be given when the project is reviewed.

3. Can I live in my house during the renovation process?

We make every effort to minimize dust, noise, and inconvenience when we are in customers’ homes, however, the construction process will always produce dust, noise, and inconvenience.

Most renovation projects allow the homeowners to stay in their homes, but we recommend scheduling a vacation half way through the project.

4. What about my pets?

We make every effort to watch out for the safety of homeowners’ pets, but we recommend that pets are confined away from the construction area.

This will protect them from falling materials, open doors, etc.

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